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There are lots of people who want to learn piano but buying a piano can be really daunting for the newbie. It is better to consult a piano specialist to know about the features of the piano and then look forward to purchase it. There are many online as well as offline stores that offer pianos for sale and you can get one as per your need.

What are the common features of a good piano?

Touch sensitive keys – every piano has sensitive keys so if you play piano with greater force then it will start to produce louder tone. You can also buy acoustic pianos that have touch sensitive keys. You just need to apply a smooth force on the keys for learning piano skills. Digital piano also has a touch sensitive keyboard and it is also available in the budget.

schimmel piano baby grand

Pedals – an acoustic piano consists of three pedals. Right pedal is used for sustaining the tone that is the critical part for the piano player. It is also available separately so you can also replace it to learn the critical sustain music.

Key’s number – commonly, a standard piano consists of 88 keys. But nowadays, there are some variations that come in different keyboards that range from 25 up to standard 88 keys. So, before buying you should make sure that keyboard consists of all the keys with a soft touch.

Speakers – if you are thinking about buying a digital piano then you should also check the on- board speaker of the piano. It can also be too frustrating for you to connect the piano in a sound system so you should buy piano with speakers.


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