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Playing a musical instrument is a passion of many people, while others earn their daily bread via these instruments. If you are having any musical instrument, then you must opt for taking the musical instrument insurance. No matter, you are looking for trumpet insurance or guitar insurance; you can easily get it if it is worth the value.

Opt for policy in accordance to the use

If you are a beginner or own a musical instrument just for playing at home, then you must opt for simple insurance policies. These insurance policies cover the instruments in home as well as few miles away from home. But in case you want, you can also opt for worldwide coverage for a short span of time. It is to be noted that this insurance is only available for the instruments which are below the value of $1500. Under this policy, it is expected that you are an unpaid performer and will play or use the instrument at home. The policy covers the risk of theft, accidental damage as well as loss cover.

But if you are a professional musician, part of band etc. then you, must opt for taking the comprehensive policy. The policy provides for comprehensive loss cover, accidental damage etc. The policy may also include public-liability cover. This policy is available for the instruments of any value. In addition any number of instruments can be insured under a single policy. It is to be noted that the premium for the comprehensive policies is greater in comparison to the premium of simple policies. Comprehensive policies cover few of the additional things like deprecation cost, few unspecified accessories etc.

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